Boutique Hotel Dubná Skala

Comfortable hotel in the center of Žilina with the high standard of services – accommodation, gastronomy, conferences and wellness in an exceptional location.


Boutique Hotel Dubná Skala

Enjoy luxurious experience

The hotel located in the city of Žilina offers superior accommodation in rooms and suites, restaurant and cafe services, conference service and Relax center. Its offer is intended for corporate guests, international business clientele. Boutique style is also appreciated by famous people.

The hotel is suitable for special events, christening party, receptions, graduation, weddings and other family celebrations, requiring above-standard services and catering. In addition to the daily menu, Restaurant Dubná Skala, considered the best restaurant in Žilina, also offers gastronomic services on weekends and holidays.

Events and promotions in boutique Hotel Dubná Skala****

01.May 31.Dec
Corporate events

Evening in traditional wine bar

hotelová izba s maželskou posteľou a ovocím na tanieri
29.Sep 01.Oct
Discounted accommodation

Special price in selected dates

01.Jul 30.Dec
Discounted offer

Relax with romantic dinner

21.Apr 31.Dec
Affordable accommodation package

Relax for couple

Affordable accommodation package

Rest & Regeneration

konferenčné priestory - stoly s kvetami a minerálkou

Special price for rent of hotel premises

tasty dish on the table in the restaurant.


Taste delicious traditional and exotic dishes. Experience pleasant moments in the hotel restaurant or refreshment in a cozy cafe.
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About the hotel

First-class services combined with special charm of a the historic building in the picturesque center of Žilina.
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