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First-class services combined with special charm of a the historic building in the picturesque center of Žilina.

Boutique Hotel Dubná Skala

A perfect experience in a unique place

Due to its location, characteristics and services, Hotel Dubná Skala**** belongs to the group of intimate boutique hotels. It is located in the city of Žilina, on J. M. Hurban street, opposite to Mirage shopping center. Not far from the hotel, there is the famous church of St. Barbora with the monastery, Rosenfeld Palace and New Synagogue. In the immediate vicinity, you will experience the atmosphere of the historic center with Mariánske námestie, Municipal Theatre, Fatra House of Art and other attractions.


Boutique Hotel

The modern and design elements of the building create a contemporary atmosphere with an unconventional touch. Thanks to its size, the hotel has a pleasant, intimate atmosphere. There is a great restaurant Dubná Skala here, where you can enjoy exclusive food and drinks. A cozy cafe with a bar offers refreshments throughout the day.

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The history of the hotel

The building in Art Nouveau style, which today houses the Boutique Hotel Dubná Skala****, was built between 1906 and 1913 by the spirits seller and restaurateur Jozef Karas. There is no information about what was previously in this place. However, we can say with certainty that there were houses made of wood or clay bricks. Other owners also came from the Karas family. One of the last was the Žilina’s mayor and controversial politician from the time of the first Slovak Republic, JUDr. Vojtech Tvrdý.

During the socialist era, Dubná Skala was a well-known wine bar and restaurant with gypsy music. Extensive reconstruction and modernization was carried out in 2006 by the new owner of the hotel, but even this time the original appearance of the building was preserved along with its unique atmosphere. Today’s four-star hotel thus continued its long-standing tradition and name. (Source: Peter Štanský and Milan Novák).

Location and activities

The truly exceptional location of the hotel allows you to explore historical monuments and the enchanting nature of the picturesque region. Enjoy walking, hiking and many other outdoor and indoor activities in the nearby area.

Turist activities
  • Budatín castle (4 km) with an exhibition of tinkering art
  • Strečno castle (11 km)
  • Golf Park Rajec (21 km)
  • Slovak wooden Bethlehem in Rajecká Lesná (27 km)
  • Natural beauties in Vrátnej dolina (32 km)
  • Painted wooden houses in Čičmany (41 km)
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Taste delicious traditional and exotic dishes. Experience pleasant moments in the hotel restaurant or refreshment in a cozy cafe.
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About the hotel

First-class services combined with special charm of a the historic building in the picturesque center of Žilina.
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